How we are governed ...

Homeowners associations are governed by their own legal documents as well as by state law.  Ballantree  Homeowners Association (BHOA) is governed by (in this order):

  • The North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act
  • The North Carolina Planned Community Act
  • Ballantree's Restrictive Agreement
  • Ballantree's Bylaws
  • Ballantree's Rules & Regulations

Our Restrictive Agreement is the document that legally binds our owners to the listed restrictions. This type of document is sometimes referred to as deed restrictions, covenants, CC&Rs, or the declaration.

The Bylaws govern the administration of the association, describing the structure of the organization and its operation.

Enforcement of the Rules & Regulations helps Ballantree maintain a satisfying environment for owners and residents.

Governing Documents for Ballantree
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