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About the Place ...

The Ballantree community is a subdivision of Asheville, North Carolina, located at the intersection of Ballantree Drive and U.S. Highway 25A, also named Sweeten Creek Road.

The community was named after the small town of Ballantrae on the west coast of Scotland.  Our Ballantree is located on the western slope of 3500-foot Busbee Mountain.  The elevation at the entrance is 2320 feet and at the top of Elmwood Lane it is about 2540 feet.  For the interest of our runners and walkers, one loop of Braddock Way is 0.8 miles.


Ballantree is situated on land that was formerly Nettlewood Nursery.  Robert Deigert purchased this acreage and began development in the fall of 1968, designing the first houses in Ballantree.  After Deigert's death, H. M. Rice & Sons purchased the subdivision and, as Ballantree Properties, Inc., continued its development. The community is fully-developed with 171 homes.  Businesses and commercial facilities are prohibited.


About the People ...

Ballantree is a friendly community, where we encourage neighbors to get to know one another. In addition to helping make our neighborhood a pleasant place to live, familiarity contributes to the safety and security of everyone who lives here.

Owning in Ballantree ...

Owners automatically become members of the Ballantree Homeowners Association when they purchase a home here, agreeing to abide by our deed restrictions and to pay the annual dues approved by the Association.  Our dues, modest for a neighborhood such as Ballantree, are used to cover the common expenses of the neighborhood, most of which are for maintaining Ballantree's entrance and park. The appearance of these areas contributes greatly to the value of each property within the neighborhood.


The Association's board of directors meets every other month and owners are welcome to attend these meetings with advance notice.  All owners are encouraged to attend the annual meeting in the fall, where they have the opportunity to vote on certain neighborhood matters and to elect board members for the upcoming year. Recognizing the importance of fresh input, the Association encourages both long-time and new owners to consider serving on the board.  New neighbors might think of it as a great way to become part of the community!


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