How we are governed ...

Homeowners associations are governed by their own legal documents as well as by state law.  Ballantree  Homeowners Association (BHOA) is governed by (in this order):

  • The North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act
  • The North Carolina Planned Community Act
  • Ballantree's Restrictive Agreement
  • Ballantree's Bylaws
  • Ballantree's Rules & Regulations

Our Restrictive Agreement is the document that legally binds our owners to the listed restrictions. This type of document is sometimes referred to as deed restrictions, covenants, CC&Rs, or the declaration.

The Bylaws govern the administration of the association, describing the structure of the organization and its operation.

Enforcement of the Rules & Regulations helps Ballantree maintain a satisfying environment for owners and residents.

Welcome to the neighborhood!  If you have recently moved in, please fill out this form so that we can welcome you via the Ballantree Banter (distributed via snail mail) and include you in the annual Ballantree Directory. Once again, welcome!  We are so glad that you decided to live here.

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